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shooting calendar 2019

Kaitoke Range
Date Match / Event Location Course of Fire
Wednesday, February 6th Best of Continental and .22 Shoots Kaitoke Best of Continental/.22 COF JJ
Sunday, March 10th (AM) Shotgun Special Kaitoke Shotgun Special COF SY
Saturday, March 23rd Long Range steel 300 to 900 yds. Wairarapa Long Range COF
Sunday,  April 7th Best of Commonwealth Kaitoke Best of Commonwealth COF
Fri-Sun, April 19-21st NZSRA Nationals Rotorua NZSRA
Thursday, April 25th ANZAC .303 Day Kaitoke ANZAC Day COF
Sunday, May 19th Carbine Day/200 yd. Bench rest shoot Kaitoke Carbine Day COF
Fri-Sun, May 24-26th Ted's Auction Southwards
Sunday, June 9th .22 Semi-Auto Day Kaitoke .22 Semi Auto / Operation Overlord COF
Sunday, July 7th Best of Anything Kaitoke Best of Anything COF
Sunday, July 21st Bolt Action day Kaitoke Bolt Action day COF
Sunday, August 11th Two gun plus 200yd Sniper match Kaitoke 2 Gun / Sniper COF DM
Sunday, September 8th Veterans Day Kaitoke Veteran's Day COF
Sunday, September 29th .303 day and AGM Kaitoke 303 Day COF
Fri-Sun, October 11-13th Ted's Auction Southwards
Sunday, October 27th Red Star Day Kaitoke Red Star Day COF
Sunday, November 10th (AM) Zeroing Morning Kaitoke
Saturday, November 16th (TBC) Long Range steel 300 to 900 yds. Wairarapa
Sunday,  December 8th Din Collings Trophy Shoot Kaitoke Din Collings Trophy COF