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dedicated to the safe competitive use of military firearms

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There are three types of membership:

Supporter (for those who only occasionally attend shooting events)

For any enquiries regarding membership, please contact us :

E-Mail enquiries to sec.wsra.nz@gmail.com

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Wellington Service Rifle is one of the oldest such clubs in New Zealand and was established to promote competition with military firearms.
As part of the New Zealand Service Rifle Association, WSRA provides its members with advice, Range Officer training and also provides support for members to attend regional and national matches under certain criteria. WSRA shooters are usually very successful when "away" and we credit ourselves on providing regular varied shoots to help members develop their skills and encourage the use of multiple types of firearms.

Shooting Programme
Monthly shoots are held, usually to a theme, which covers all manner and eras of modern military rifles from WW1 to present day. Matches are shot from 50 to 500 yds and vary in style and pace. Classes were introduced due to popularity of various arms so as to provide a level playing field.

While predominantly a rifle club, we enjoy service shotgun matches and some pistol versions as well. Shotgun matches are typically speed shooting events on plates while hand gun matches vary between steel and paper.
Rifle matches are typically 50-60 rounds in total and club days are broken into multiple events. Ample time is provided for practice or zeroing before each match and a briefing is held before the start of each match to ensure people are familiar with the course of fire being shot.
Regardless of the theme, members are encouraged to compete with whatever firearm they wish as it promotes the building of skill and safety.

WSRA supports and endorses the Service Rifle Match Code which was created to set rules around modifications and changes to rifles. It remains our guiding document and is an excellent guide for new clubs to establish their own sets of rules.

We welcome all shooters so feel free to come along to any club shoot and see what we do.